Piece of Sky

Session 1


We introduce the 3 characters and choose our classes.

What starts out as a training run turns horribly wrong as we are catapulted some 600 years into the future, to an unknown sector.

We enter the Shadiyah system, home to planets Lambrakis and Pietris.

We learn Lambrakis is of a similar tech level as our own, holds 2 cruisers and several frigates, and absolutely forbids foreigners from landing on its surface.

We instead land on Pietris, a lower tech volcanic planet in vassalage to Lambrakis. Lambrakis takes a significant portion of their industrial output in exchange for the shielding systems needed to protect its cities from the elements.

There we meet a dock master, who points us towards some contacts in the bar. We report we hail from Hildigunn, a nearby planet.

We sell some junk for 700 in starting credits.

The contacts offer unmarked crates for sale at 500 credits each and imply they can be sold at Hildigunn for 1000 each.

We also meet up with a hipster in the bar, who puts us in contact with his father, a minor manager, who puts in contact with the Foreign Quarter overseer.

The overseer offers us 5,000 credits lump sum to turn the smuggler in.


cantorsdust cantorsdust

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